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    TV Advertising is not just for Huge Brands

    When you think of the advantages of TV advertising, you’re likely to think that surely, it’s only the biggest brands that will get the full mass-media reach on offer. There’s no denying that the bigger your budget and the bigger your audience, the more you’re likely to see in return. However, that doesn’t mean that small and mid-sized businesses can’t benefit and reap their own share of the rewards, too.

    Why Advertise on TV?

    TV advertising delivers a huge business advantage. It can drive market share, people trust TV and it provides scale and reach. It also provides you the ability to buy the exact amount of ratings (or numbers of viewers) that you need. Whether it’s a winters evening and everyone is cozy’ing down around the television to watch live the latest ‘big hit’ or in summer when less people are glued to the box, you buy a specific amount of your target audience and that is what the station or network has to deliver you.

    Television also creates word of mouth. How many times have you heard the saying, ‘did you see that TV advertisement for…’ the other night? Particularly around Christmas when the big high street advertisers are rolling out their 30 second epics and Christmas campaigns. There are many other advantages to TV advertising and we look into some of those benefits in more detail below.

    Better at Influencing Customers

    Another of the advantages, especially when compared to other video marketing platforms, is that TV still regularly sees some of the highest engagement rates available. When looking at website data for companies using TV advertising, Television advertising often contributes to more than 35% of all visits to the total number of all visitors. Furthermore, global studies have shown a 60% likelihood of buying a product when influenced by TV ads, compared to a 40% likelihood for online and social media advertising.

    TV advertising still has the air of prestige and quality that online marketing platforms haven’t quite got to, yet. This is in part due to the impression that anyone can advertise on the internet, while the TV is considerably more exclusive which is, to some degree, true.

    Brand Legitimacy and Trust

    One of the important parts of successful TV advertising is that you allow the cost, effort, and time it takes to develop an ad that’s suited for such a widely viewed platform. However, that cost is almost always worth it because viewers tend to trust TV more than other mediums. They also engage with it more than other mediums.

    When it comes to establishing a sense of legitimacy and trust to your brand, TV does it better than any other platform. Furthermore, it does it to such a wide market, that brand recognition is almost guaranteed to increase after a single TV ad campaign. Many of the most viral TV ads today had modest beginnings, just think of the Go Compare jingle that has been in use for over a decade now.

    Large or small it is a fact that using television advertising is a driver for ecommerce businesses. Campaigns that include TV as part of the marketing mix get better ROI than those that use marketing channels that exclude Television. Native brand or smaller business, using targeted TV advertising will help your online business to perform better, get more traffic and more customers.

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